Job and Internship Applications

Job and Internship Applications

Fundamental goal of recruiting and hiring is to hire employees that with vision, who adapt to Koç Group’s common values, who will carry our companies to the future, and to adapt them to their job as soon as possible. Basis of our recruiting and hiring policy is selection of the right human resources and evaluation efficient ones at available positions.

If you want to join us, you can explore our job postings via Entek Career Site or Koç Kariyerim.

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Internship Opportunities at Entek
As our social responsibility, we facilitate high school and university students who want to study as intern at Entek.

High School Internships
High school internship applications are received in May-June via related schools’ headmasters, and studies are done during education period being September-June.

University Internships
Applications for our Future Is Yours Internship Program start in March and continue until mid-April every year. Details of the Internship Program can be found on the application page. Our application process for 2021 has been completed.
Applications are evaluated under preliminary selection criteria, and concluded after interviews with intern candidates where necessary.

Internship Criteria

  1. Student must be insured by the school against job accidents and professional diseases pursuant to paragraph (b) of art 5 of the law number 5510
  2. Student’s department must be related with our company’s business processes
  3. Student’s success level
  4. Departments’ intern quotas


*CV/Resume that you send as an e-mail for the job/internship application will be automatically deleted according to the Personal Data Act.

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