Career Development at Entek

Career Development at Entek

As Entek Elektrik People, Culture and Transformation Directorate, we offer an environment where our employees can use their potential unlimitedly. We are launching new applications and processes that will ensure an innovative, creative and happy environment and improve our existing applications.

We coordinate not only human resources processes but also information technologies, administrative affairs, corporate communication, occupational health, safety and quality functions that are part of employee experience from a strategic perspective.

We invite the most talented employee and intern candidates who will carry Entek to its future vision, and we plan their future starting from the first day. We promise imagination, innovation, development, experience, agility, friendship and the future.

By joining us;

  • You can have different experiences in our company which operates in rapidly changing and growing energy sector,
  • You can participate in Koç Group network and various working groups,
  • You can find continuous learning and development opportunities with technical trainings, leadership trainings and personal development trainings to be specialized which pioneer in Turkey and the world,
  • You can have different rotation opportunities in Koc Group and Entek,
  • Apart from the job description, you can take part in agile projects according to your field of interest,
  • You can have the opportunity to get to know many functions such as Project Finance, Business Development, Energy Trade and Production,

You can visit Employee Experience at Entek page to listen to the experiences of our colleagues at Entek.

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