Entek Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş. launched its investments in 1995 and started up electricity generation at the end of 1998. Our first plant was built in Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industry Site with a capacity of 104 MW.

Following the adoption of the Energy Market Law no. 4628 and in light of new reorganization in the energy sector, the target of Koç Group and our company is to have a presence in all areas of the sector, including generation, distribution, importation, wholesales and retail sales to meet strategic goals in this sector.

Towards the end of 2003, we subscribed to Eltek Elektrik’s capital by a 46% shareholding ratio as the founder shareholder and we became the 100% shareholder in 2013. Entel Elektrik was founded to buy, sell, import or export electricity on a wholesales basis in electric market.

We first acquired the shares of Türk Edison Enerji, a generator of electricity and steam from natural gas with a 64 MW plant based in Kocaeli. Later on it was merged into our company.

During mid-2004, it was decided to build an Electric Generation Facility with a 2.6 MW in Koç University and the investment was completed and commissioned by the end of 2004.

An additional investment was made in Kocaeli Power Plant in August 2009 and the Company’s total installed power rose to 219 MW.

In line with our Company’s growth targets, we acquired a 50% shareholding in Ayas A.S., which is the operator of 625 MW power plant in Yumurtalık, Adana.

AES Group, which acquired a 49.62% shareholding in the company early 2011 sold its shares by the end of 2014.

Upon the termination of AES partnership, Selen and Cenay, the operators of Damlapınar and Kepezkaya hydropower plants in Karaman as well as Kumkoy, the operator of Kumköy hydroelectric power plants in Samsun Çarşamba were acquired by Entek in June 2014.

Due to the developments in the electricity sector, Bursa and Koc University operations were terminated by the end of 2015.

In line with our company’s vision to grow in renewable energy resources, Entek acquired Azmak 1, Azmak 2 and Kirpilik HEPPs built on Ermenek Croos in Mut, Mersin in October 2017.

In March 2018, Menzelet and Kılavuzlu HEPP located in Kahramanmaraş were acquired by Entek. The privatization tender of these two power plants occurred in September 2017, and Entek Elektrik offered the ultimate price. This purchase has drawn attention for being the biggest domestic private sector investment.

Entek established the “Enspire Creative Energy Solutions” brand in 2020 to implement energy efficiency and on-site energy generation projects which lead to transformation in the energy consumption by focusing on Performance-Based Contracts.

Lastly, after the investment of Süloğlu Wind Power Plant with an installed capacity of 60 MW in Edirne in 2021, company’s total installed power rose to 437 MW.

Business development efforts are in full pace in line with the growth vision.

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