Energy Trade

Energy Trade

One of Turkey’s first private sector auto-producer companies, Entek was established in 1995 with the purpose of supplying electricity and steam to the Group companies. In the following years, with the liberalization of the market, it became a Production Company and became one of the important players in the market. 

The company started production in December 1998. Entek, currently operates one gas fueled power plant located in Kocaeli, with a total electricity production capacity of 157 MW; in addition to eight hydro power plants located in Samsun (Kumköy HPP) Karaman (Damlapınar and Kepezkaya HPP), Mersin – Mut (Azmak 1, Azmak 2 and Kirpilik HPP) and Kahramanmaraş (Menzelet and Kılavuzlu HPP) with 265 MW installed capacity. Entek has a total installed capacity of 422 MW. 

Within the scope of the Balancing and Reconciliation Regulation, electricity and steam sales are made to EPİAŞ (Energy Exchange Istanbul) and our customers through bilateral agreements. 

In order to operate in the wholesale market of the electricity sector, in addition to production activities, ELTEK was established in December 2003. 

ELTEK, as one of the first companies that got the Wholesale License under the Energy Market Law, started to sell energy to eligible consumers in May, 2004.

ELTEK creates value for all of our business partners, stakeholders and customers with the commercial activities it carries out. We can summarize ELTEK's commercial operations as:

  • Optimizing the energy of ENTEK's power plants evaluating in various markets,
  • Purchase and sale of energy in accordance with energy trading strategies,
  • Long-term, fixed-price energy purchase contracts for renewable power plants,
  • Voluntary Carbon Market Activities - VER Sales,
  • Cross-border electricity trading,
  • Customer-specific energy supply in the context of the Latest Welding Supply to high consumers,
  • Energy management services (energy monitoring, access to markets etc.),
  • Energy sales to eligible consumers.

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